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sewing and fashion concept - stack of colorful quilts, beautiful bedspreads stacked in sev
Affordable Longarm Quilting Services Bring Your Quilts to Life

Book a Quilt and  I will respond to you within 24 hours. You can either choose to mail in your quilt or arrange a local drop-off/pick-up.


​If you want to mail it to me, the U.S. Post Office is the cheapest way I've found to ship a quilt using their Flat Rate Boxes. Wrap your quilt in a plastic bag so it will slide in the box easily. Your quilt is automatically insured. The large flat rate box ships for around $20 and the medium one is about $15. Twin, lap, and baby quilts easily fit into these size boxes. A queen/king may require a bit more, but many of you ship your quilts this way.

10% off your first quilt with me

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